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Artist's Greeting


Thank you for visiting my website.

The artwork you'll be viewing in these 'galleries' come from many areas in my artistic life with the most recent being THE DHYANI BUDDHAS, a collection of 10 43x63 gouache and collage paintings depicting the male and female counterparts of the five celestial Buddha Families. The most recent exhibition of which was at the Frost Library Gallery at Amherst College, Amherst, MA in 2011/12.

The TWENTY-ONE TARAS is a collection of paintings that accompany the verses of a traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer of the same name. The original exhibit opened at the Jannotta Gallery, Smith College before moving to Tibet House in New York City on 2003. The paintings are presented here just as in the exhibit –in its entirety. 8x10 prints are available for all of the images.

THE LOTUS AND THE ROSE TAROT is a complete deck and book, the result of eleven years of dedicated work. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about it on my email.

The COLLECTION contains some old favorites, which are now available in print, plus some limited edition specialties.

RECENT WORK is where I will be displaying all current pieces, which will be available as originals or prints. I hope you will drop in every once in a while to see the new work or a previous image that you felt drawn to.

Blessings — JB-P











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